Weigh In

1/1: 181.4

1/8: 179.2

1/17: 178.4 


1/31: 177.4

2/7: 175.4

2/14: 175.2

2/21: 176.2

2/28: 174.6

3/7: 175.6

3/28: 173.8

4/18: 174.2

So I’m actually fine with this. The past few weekends have been really crappy eating wise. My typical pattern has been to do amazing during the week and mess it up on the weekends. Well not any more. This weekend will be no cheats. Not even on Easter. I know I will just feel like crap from the food anyways. No cheats the next weekend either. Saving cheats for big occasions here on out. Next one will be my sororities banquet weekend. Ready to make some more progress. 

Eating breakie now then off to the gym, then pack and leave for home and see the PUP PUP ahh! can’t wait. 

Just found a job that I really want

It is for a personal trainer/ group fitness instructor/ health coach at a large hospital close to where we will be living. 

A) Pretty much my dream job

B) This hospital is probably going to be #1 on Ryan’s residency list (and he will probably get his first choice)

C) Could the stars actually be aligning for once and have us be in the same place. Like working at the same place….actually being able to see each other. SHOCKER

Well this is all to be determined. Must apply for the job first I guess. Getting anxious with the job stuff. 

Woke up to no hot water COOL

A plumber is already on the way so that’s good. 

The only thing I can think about is if I get to workout today cause I might not have a shower available for awhile -_-

Going to work from home today on things. Many projects to work on. Much to do. 

OH and I got rejected from a job I really really wanted. But hey at least I didn’t get instantly rejected. I moved onto the next round where they actually considered me but chose others who had more experience. Fresh out of college. No one wants me wahhh.

This is the struggle life. 

Just want it to be the weekend so I can see my puppy, family, and have my first dress fitting (which I am nervous for). 

That’s my story.

Anonymous asked:

Hi! I attempted to make the recipe on your blog for the protein pancakes but they wouldn't stick together in the pan and I ended up throwing it out :( any suggestions? I love making pancakes with cinnamon, eggs and banana but I wanted to try something new. I would really appreciate it, thank you! :)

Maybe try making them smaller? And also making sure that they are cooked enough before you flip it or it not stick together. That is all I can think of for those.. sorry!